Finnair Review

Is there anything Finland can’t do?

Remember the old days when you could fly domestic in Australia and you’d be offered free tea and coffee on every service? Today, budget airlines like Jetstar don’t offer those comforts to cut down costs. But in Finland it’s very different.

Free tea and coffee is offered multiple times on a two hour flight which is a nice little inclusion that makes a huge difference. Staff on-board speak many different languages extremely well. The planes are comfortable with adequate leg room and spacious seats.

There are no individual screens on small domestic flights but free entertainment is played on the few screens that hang from the overhead compartments throughout the cabin.

I give Finnair four stars.

What are your thoughts on the airline? Let me know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Finnair Review

    1. You must have loved working for such a great airline! I agree, safety is always paramount when flying and Finnair definitely has that covered.
      Safe travels and thanks for sharing your blog with me! 🙂

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  1. I like Finnair very much but then, I’m Finnish. 😂 I wish they served a meal though, having to buy it is a bummer. I am into the blueberry juice they serve, I’ve never had it anywhere else!!

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