Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland Review

The most popular thermal pool in Iceland

Blue Lagoon is quite possibly the most popular tourist attraction in all of Iceland which leaves many wondering whether it’s actually worth visiting. I was hesitant about visiting myself, thinking it could be over-hyped and over-crowded thanks to an influx of tourists, but David and I decided it was better to experience it for ourselves than miss out entirely.

We transferred to Blue Lagoon right after landing at Keflavik Airport by a Gray Line bus. When we got to the geothermal spa, we were directed to the paid lockers where we stored our suitcases for a small fee. We had already packed our swimmers in our carryon bags, knowing we’d need them as soon as we arrived.

Walking through a lava field to reach Blue Lagoon

David and I pre-booked our entry to Blue Lagoon online before we left Sydney because we’d heard the lagoon had gotten so popular that people were being turned away unless they had a booking. There wasn’t much of a line when we got there but I wouldn’t take the risk. Book online as soon as you can!

We paid for the premium package which included entrance, a silica and an algae mask, a free drink at the swim-up bar, bathrobe, towel, slippers and a reservation and sparkling wine at LAVA Restaurant.

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll be given a wrist band which acts as your key to a free locker and a tab for anything you purchase at the bar. You’ll be given your slippers, robe and towel and shown through to the showers.

Blue Lagoon’s beautiful blue water

Ah yes – the infamous Scandinavian locker rooms, where no one is afraid to shower butt naked in front of everyone else. Unfortunately it’s part of the experience and you won’t be allowed into the geothermal pool until you’ve done it. To be honest, it was just so nice to have a shower after the long-haul flight from Sydney. There’s soap, shampoo and conditioner in each shower so you don’t have to worry about packing your own. I recommend leaving the conditioner in your hair and tying it up so it doesn’t come into contact with the salty lagoon water, notorious for drying out hair.

Once the ordeal of showering was over, it was finally time to enter Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is so large that despite the fact there were quite a few people around, it didn’t feel that way. The swim up bars are great and there are plenty of underwater benches where you can sit and enjoy your drink. I went with the elderflower smoothie but David chose to sample Icelandic craft beer.

Swimming in Blue Lagoon

Lifeguards patrol the lagoon and there are also photographers about who will take a photo and email it to you for free. You can also take your GoPro cameras and phones into the water at your own risk.

As for the silica and algae masks, they were just what my skin needed after a long flight. There are also saunas surrounding the lagoon if you wish to sweat it out. David and I stayed in the water for a couple of hours until our skin went wrinkly. There’s no limit on how long you can spend here so take as long as you need.

Once we were satisfied, we showered, changed back into our clothes, and went to LAVA Restaurant for a late lunch/ early dinner. The reservation included a glass of sparkling wine each (I changed mine to sparkling water) but doesn’t include the meal itself. We ordered the Icelandic lamb and Arctic Char which was one of the best meals we had throughout the entire trip.

Icelandic lamb at Blue Lagoon’s LAVA Restaurant

Overall, I think Blue Lagoon is totally worth a visit. It’s not necessarily the best, and it’s certainly not the cheapest, geothermal pool in Iceland, but it is a fun attraction to visit and a really great way to beat the jetlag!

Package: Premium package 10200 ISK ($140 AUD)
Open: All year round, check website for seasonal open times

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5 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland Review

  1. I visited the Blue Lagoon with the same thoughts as you! I don’t think I’d go back but it’s definitely something I’m happy to have experienced. My skin was absolutely amazing after visiting Iceland too, though not sure if it was down to the Blue Lagoon or the sulphur in the water everywhere. I was also really worried about having to shower naked in front of strangers, but did you not see the cubicles? Such a relief for me!

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    1. They seem to be pretty common thoughts among visitors! I agree, I don’t think I’d go back to Blue Lagoon. I’d definitely go back to Iceland and some of the other geothermal pools. Did you visit Myvatn Nature Baths? I did see the cubicles but unfortunately they were all taken. 😦 I manged to score a cubicle when I showered before leaving though. I’d be nice if they had a couple more of those.


      1. I didn’t, I visited in December so couldn’t explore that far out. I did go to a local geothermal pool called Árbæjarlaug just outside of Reykjavik which was really cool and more of a local place so didn’t have any tourists (or shower cubicles!). I’d love to go back to Iceland and go to some more geothermal places further afield though.

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  2. You’ll have to get out to Myvatn too. Good horse riding out there and not a single shower cubicle! That’s cool, I’ll add Árbæjarlaug to my bucketlist for when I return to Iceland. Happy travels! 🙂 x


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