Icelandair Review

A beautiful plane

Following my holiday in Iceland, I left the country on an Icelandair flight from Keflavik International Airport to Copenhagen. Keflavik International Airport is lined with large windows which make it easy to plane watch – a hobby of mine at airports.

Painted to represent Hekla beneath the shimmering blues and greens of the northern lights, the plane I’m about to board looks fun and inviting. It was hard to board knowing we were leaving such an amazing country where even the planes look beautiful!

I was planning on spending the three hour flight to Copenhagen reading a book but was surprised to find that free inflight entertainment was provided in the form of movies, TV shows and music. I ended up listening to Icelandic artist Asgeir while I watched the cabin lights dim and the aurora come to life on the ceiling of the plane.

The flight attendants were lovely and the plane was clean and surprisingly spacious. I can’t fault the flight at all.

I give Icelandair five stars.

What do you love most about Iceland? Let me know in the comments below.


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