Vik: Icelandair Hotel Review

Don’t judge a hotel by its exterior

There’s more to the Icelandair Hotel in Vik than the concrete façade lets on. Inside, the modern and minimalist design is elegant and very Scandinavian. The hotel opened in 2014 so everything still feels new. The rooms are spacious and very comfortable and the bathroom has a large walk in shower (my favourite kind).

The location of the hotel is beautiful. Behind the hotel sits Vik i Myrdal Church and in front is the ocean. Each room offers a unique view of the small seaside town of Vik. Our room was facing the church on the hill, one of the major attractions in Vik. The large glass windows also make it easy to watch for signs of aurora. We found the best aurora watching spot was across the road at the beach.

The hotel isn’t cheap but Iceland’s not a cheap country and you really do get the comfort and style you pay for.

I give Icelandair Hotel Vik four stars.

Icelandair Hotel Vik
Klettsvegi 1,
870 Vík, Iceland

Planning a trip to Iceland? Let me know in the comments below!


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