Singapore Airlines Review

An economy class you’ll actually enjoy

I was stoked to find that the cheapest flights from Sydney to Copenhagen were Singapore Airlines (codeshare with Scandinavian Airlines). I’d heard such great things about the airline but had never actually flown with them myself. Plus Singapore’s Changi Airport is such a cool place to be stuck for a couple of hours on layover.

Everything positive I had heard about Singapore Airlines was true. The seats were bigger, there was comfortable leg room and the food wasn’t as bad as plane food normally is (don’t get me wrong, it was still plane food). The inflight entertainment was varied and was played on large, clear screens.

The flight we took from Sydney to Singapore was on a much newer plane which was also much nicer than the older plane we flew on from Singapore to Copenhagen and back again, but they were all great nonetheless. We experienced no delays and found staff pleasant and willing to help us find a vacant toilet when we needed one.

The airline’s online check-in portal was also really easy to use. Singapore Airlines is easily the most comfortable airline I’ve flown long-haul.

I give Singapore Airlines five stars.

Which airline do you like flying best? Let me know in the comments below!


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