Bruny Island Highlights

Burny Island is the island off the island, off the island. Confused yet? It sits south of Tasmania, the island at the bottom of Australia. Bruny is only a small island but it has a lot to offer visitors!

Getting Around

Hiring a car is the only way to get around the island, unless you’re visiting as part of a bus tour. There are a couple of roads across the island and you’ll need a car to travel them.



Drive straight off the ferry heading south and you’ll come past the stretch of land known as The Neck. Climb to the top for beautiful views and Instagram-worthy photos. If you return at sunset, you’ll see the penguins make their way from the water to the shelter of the shrub along the neck. There are designated viewing platforms to protect the penguins.

If you keep driving the length of the island, you’ll eventually reach the Cape Bruny Lighthouse which you can walk right up to. Keep an eye out for picnic spots along the way as many of them have beautiful views out to sea.

Explore the coast of Bruny Island on a Bruny Island Cruise. The tour departs daily from Adventure Bay at 11am and returns at 2pm. On the cruise you’ll see even smaller islands, home to seal colonies, as well as blow holes and a unique view of the Bruny Island coastline. When crew offer you seasickness tablets, take them! You have no idea how rocky the cruise can be. Snacks are provided and you can pay extra for lunch upon your return or head to a nearby café or restaurant instead.

Letterboxes of Bruny

The food on Bruny Island is a delicious experience of farm to plate. Stop in at Bruny Island Cheese and Beer Company for locally made cheeses and beers and freshly cooked wood fired breads and pizzas. For dessert, visit Hiba, home to the most delicious fudge on the island or Bruny Island Berry Farm for deliciously fruity ice creams.

White wallabies are a local mystery you can have fun trying to spot along Bruny Island. We drove around all day keeping an eye out and finally spotted a couple of white wallabies in the bush near Adventure Bay in the evening. Native wildlife is abundant on the island from penguins and wallabies to echidnas and seals! Keep your eyes peeled because you’re sure to see something.

As hard to come by as the white wallabies, the Aurora Australis can be seen from the eastern side of Bruny Island. There is virtually no light pollution across the island so it’s a great spot to watch!


Spend the night on the island so you don’t have to rush back to the last ferry across to Tasmania’s mainland. You’ll have more time to explore the island’s natural beauty. There are few accommodation options to choose from so you’ll need to book early. We stayed in an Airbnb next door to the Bruny Island Cheese Company.

Don’t forget it’ll be cold and windy on the island, regardless of the season, so dress appropriately!

Planning a trip to Bruny Island? Let me know in the comments below!



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