Day trip to Mt Fuji and Hakone

Discover the natural wonder of Mt Fuji

During our stay in Tokyo, David and I booked a day trip with Viator to Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and Hakone. We chose to save money and do the tour by bus rather than bullet train. We’d already travelled across the country on bullet trains so we didn’t miss out on that experience.

On the day of the tour we were lucky enough to get sunny weather and clear skies so we had a great view of the mountain from every angle.

Standing on Mt Fuji

We drove from Tokyo straight to Mt Fuji’s fourth station. Unfortunately the conditions of the icy roads to the fifth station meant we couldn’t make it there but the view of the surrounding forests and towns was beautiful all the same. Just standing on Mt Fuji was quite cool and best of all, it required no physical mountain climbing!

The view from the fourth station

From here we drove to Hakone where we dined on a very underwhelming traditional Japanese lunch and embarked on a cruise of Lake Ashi. The cruise took us past Hakone Shrine and docked in Hakone where the windy conditions meant we couldn’t ride the cable car to the top of Mt Komagatake.

On Mt Fuji

Instead, we were given time to walk through Hakone Aquarium which was small and made us question the health and wellbeing of the animals in captivity. Once we got out of there, we did some shopping for local souvenirs before bussing back to Shinjuku in Tokyo through the gorgeous countryside.

Lake Ashi

We found our tour guide was unreasonable and didn’t really care much about the group experiencing anything other than the bear minimum. The tour itself wasn’t bad and it was poor weather conditions that made it impossible to do everything the itinerary promised but our guide was in such a rush to get everyone back to Tokyo before the scheduled return time that it felt like we weren’t given the time to take it all in.


Find a tour that gives you more time in Hakone. The lakeside town looked really cool as we drove through and there are also plenty of vantage points to get a photo of Mt Fuji from here.

Planning a trip to Mt Fuji? Let me know in the comments below!


Tour: Mt Fuji Day Trip including Lake Ashi Sightseeing Cruise from Tokyo
Price: Approx $150 AUD
Duration: 8am-5pm
Availability: Daily

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