Must Eats in Japan

Japan is a diverse country, especially when it comes to food. Each region brings their own flavours to the table based on their location, culture and traditions. From steaming ramen to fresh sushi, here are a few of the foods you must try on your trip to Japan.

It’s the noodle dish we all know and love and nowhere is it more accessible and delicious than Japan. You’ll see locals bent over a bowl of steaming noodle broth all over the country. The best places to order ramen are the small hidden restaurants, the hole-in-the-wall type places where the ramen is cheap and delicious.

Everyone loves dumplings and Japan creates the most delicious fried dumplings in Asia (I’m already convinced). You’ll find these at market stalls, restaurants, takeaways and ramen bars. They usually come in an order of five gyoza and a side of soy sauce for dipping.

Karaage chicken
Japan’s answer to fried chicken is a delicious creation of boneless chicken pieces that are fried without being coated in a batter. Juicy pieces of chicken cooked perfectly, what more could you want?

You can’t visit Japan and not eat sushi! Visit a fish market like Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo for the best sushi in the city. Whether you like your raw tuna over rice or you prefer a fresh salmon salad, you’re sure to love it all. Even I, an avid hater of seafood, managed to find sushi I liked.

Matcha ice cream

A cabbage pancake might not be what comes to mind when you think of Japanese food, but it will be when you visit Osaka! Osaka is well known for the pancake-like cabbage and flour creation. Topped with local sauces, they’re sure to hit the spot! Be sure to try both the Osaka and Hiroshima styles.

From green tea ice cream and matcha cake to green tea Kit Kats. Japan sure love their matcha! Kyoto is matcha capital so be sure to dig into the green delights while you’re here. My favourite was the matcha ice cream.

The Japanese love their sweets. From ice cream and doughnuts to toast and egg waffles, it’s a culinary collection of all things sweet.

Cool places to eat in Japan
No doubt you’ve heard of the Japanese obsession with themed restaurants. David and I dined at a ninja restaurant and a robot restaurant. Here’s our list of the coolest places to eat in Japan.

What’s your favourite Japanese food? Let me know in the comments blow!


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