Copenhagen to Oslo DFDS Seaways Overnight Cruise

The only cruise David and I have been on so far is an overnight ferry between Copenhagen and Oslo. It was the largest ship either of us have ever been on. Don’t picture one of the Manly ferries, I mean an actual cruise ship with stores, restaurants and theatres on board.

The cruise ship

We boarded the cruise on the afternoon of Christmas day and arrived in Oslo the morning of Boxing Day. We stayed in a twin share room, the smallest room we could, to save money. The bathroom was a lot larger than we thought it would be and the beds were a lot wider. The beds slept one person each and we had straps to tie ourselves down, not that we needed them. It was very smooth sailing. The beds were quite uncomfortable though. It was alright for the night but the mattresses were very stiff and very thin.

The restaurants on board were varied and we had choices between a steakhouse, a seafood restaurant and a buffet. The prices however, weren’t varied. They were very expensive, even by Danish and Norwegian standards!

Our room

Buffet breakfast was included and it was delicious. There was fresh fruit and pancakes as well as the Scandinavian staple of pickled fish. There were convenience stores on board which sold snacks as well but because we were only on board one night we didn’t purchase anything.

Also on board was a pool, lots of kid’s theatres and shows, a spa and a few bars. We spent the night ogling over the expensive drink prices in the bar before returning to our room to watch the fjords float past.

The meal on board

Staff on board were very polite and helpful and everyone spoke English (it’s Scandinavia after all). We were given plenty of helpful tips for exploring Norway and Oslo by the local staff on board too.

It was an exciting alternative to flying between cities and a great way to discover whether we were cruise people or not. Despite not getting seasick, I don’t think we are.

What do you love about cruising? Let me know in the comments blow!



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