Must Eats Spain

If there’s anything the Spanish can do really well, it’s play soccer and cook! We feasted on Spanish culinary delights on our short trip to Barcelona. Food was fresh, cheap and best of all, delicious! Here are the foods you must try when you’re in Spain.


We visited Spain in winter so Paella was a constant dish on the menu for us. The rice dish has ancient roots but its modern interpretation originated in the 19th century. A steaming pan of rice, fresh meats or seafood and vegetables are tossed together and served hot.  Delicious!


The cold tomato soup is perfect for the summer and a great entrée to any meal. The soup originated in the south of Spain and is also eaten in Portugal. Although a bowl of cold tomato soup doesn’t sound very appetising, it is!


I like to think of empanadas as the Spanish version of dumplings – sort of. An empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry that is then baked or fried. You’ll come across different flavour combinations throughout the country but usually they consist of meats and/or cheese.

The Spanish like their coffee strong and black. It’s definitely not for everyone. I love my coffee but even I struggled with the bitter taste of the Spanish version. If you’re a coffee fanatic it’s worth trying but bring sugar! You’ve been warned.

The doughnut –like sticks are a great dessert to top off any Spanish meal. Dipped in chocolate they’re simply divine! Better still, they’re normally eaten for breakfast, and who doesn’t enjoy eating dessert first thing in the morning?!

Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana
This is the Spanish version of the Crème Brulee and just as sweet and delicious as you’d expect it to be. The custard dessert is different to the brulee as it’s made with fine cornflour and milk and is cooked differently.

What are your favourite Spanish foods? Let me know in the comments below!


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