Top Tips for a Road Trip

David and I love taking road trips from Sydney to parts of New South Wales as weekend getaways. It’s cheaper than travelling overseas or to other major cities in the country, we don’t have to take time off work and it gives us the chance to explore our own backyard.

But not all road trips are scenic. It won’t be long before you’re driving down a bush-lined highway wondering “are we there yet?” Here are my tips for surviving a road trip.

Our car “Little Blue” on a road trip to Lake Tekapo
  1. Pack provisions
    Whether it’s bottles of water or some delicious snacks, it’s important to pack them on a road trip. This is especially important in Australia when you’re not sure when you’ll pass the next service station. Plan ahead just to be safe.
  2. Plan your route
    Although spontaneous detours are a great way to discover parts of the countryside or coast you didn’t know was there, it’s also a good idea to plan some stops beforehand. That way you have an idea of when you’ll be able to stop for a toilet break or fill up on petrol. We generally make our stops at attractions or beaches we’d like to visit and change them up for the drive back home.

    Road trip to Orange
  3. Make a playlist
    What’s a road trip without a playlist, right? David and I take turns to pick music and the general rule is we alternate between picking a song each. The passenger needs to respect the driver’s wishes… unless I’m the passenger of course. Sorry Dave!
  4. Take lots of breaks
    It’s great to stop and stretch your legs as often as possible. Leave as early in the morning as you can so you have more time to stop along the way. It’s also important for the driver to take breaks and refresh.

    Road trip to Wollongong
  5. Get your car looked at before you leave
    My car is fairly new and my grandpa is a mechanic so this step is actually quite easy for me. But if you have an older car and you’re not sure how it’ll cope on a longer drive, get it checked out before you leave. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Usually I check the water level and the tyre pressure and that’s enough to get by.

How do you survive road trips? Let me know in the comments below!


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