Egilsstadir: Icelandair Hotels Herad

Smelly area but nice cosy rooms

Ah, Egilsstadir. Where the smell of sulpha fills the air.

If you’ve never smelt sulpha before, you’re in for a treat. Or a shock. It depends on your tolerance for bad smells really. To me, sulpha smells like rotting egg. It’s not pleasant. Thankfully, Icelandair Hotels Herad had great ventilation which meant that once we were inside, we didn’t have to put up with the smell.

The hotel is located right near a Nettó supermarket and service station which is great if you’re stocking up on provisions. We ate dinner at the hotel which was a great local meal. The dining room was a little small, as was the bar, but it was large enough for the amount of people in the room at the time. There are a couple of retail stores and bistros around too.

The bedrooms were cosy but quite modern and our window had a nice view of the flat land beyond, lookout out to the airport. We didn’t hear any planes though. The location made it easy to avoid light pollution and hunt down the aurora as well.

Overall the hotel had beautiful views and quiet location and our room was very comfortable (and sulpha-free).

I give Icelandair Hotels Herad four stars.

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Icelandair Hotels Herad
Miðvangur 5-7,
700 Egilsstaðir, Iceland

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