My Birthday Weekend in the Southern Highlands

On November 10 this year I turned 24. It’s not a big birthday by any means but I still wanted to do something to celebrate. David planned a surprise weekend getaway and I had no idea where we were going until we were in the car heading south from Sydney.

We left Sydney on Friday afternoon and stopped in Bowral where we enjoyed Thai for dinner. Bowral is the largest town in the Southern Highlands but it manages to maintain its small country town feel.

Mountain Cottage
Outdoor dining

From here we drove to Mountain Cottage where we stayed for two nights. We were expecting to see kangaroos on our drive but instead we saw a five-metre long Diamond Python that had just enjoyed a meal of what looked like a small person (I’m sure it was probably just a rat), and a wombat that could have easily been mistaken for a small cow.

After a relaxing night in our cute little farm cottage and a breakfast cooked by David himself, we ventured out towards the coast. On the drive towards Berry we had to wait for an echidna and a flock of ducks to cross the road. It’s funny how much more lively everything is just two hours out of Sydney.

Birthday weekend
Culburra Beach

On our way to the coast we drove through the towns of Berry and Nowra, passing through lush green farm land, before reaching Culburra Beach. We wandered the beach and climbed to the top of the lookout where we watched whales frolicking in the distance.

From here, we drove to Crookhaven Heads Light for more whale watching, scenic lookouts and a picnic lunch. On our way back to the cottage, we stopped in Berry to grab a coffee and doughnut from the famous Doughnut Van. Then we spent the afternoon feeding our neighbours (the horses) and relaxing in the sun.

Birthday weekend

On Sunday, we ventured into Kangaroo Valley where we walked the Three Views Trail in Morton National Park. The track lined with wildflowers leads to scenic views over Lake Yarrunga (which looked a lot like a river) and Tallowa Dam. We enjoyed lunch in Kangaroo Valley before heading back to Sydney through Moss Vale.

The Southern Highlands are such a beautiful part of the state. It’s amazing how green and lively the country and the coast are only hours from Sydney.

Where did you celebrate your birthday? Let me know in the comments below!


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