We Bought a House!

It’s been a long time coming but David and I are happy to announce that we’ll be moving out of Sydney.

When we first started travelling internationally back in 2013, we realised that Sydney wasn’t the city for us. But travelling around the world has helped us realised what we truly love about Australia – the beaches and the bush. That’s why we decided to move out of Sydney.

A lot of Sydney’s first home buyers are looking to purchase out of the city and its suburbs due to housing affordability. But for us, that wasn’t the issue. We could afford to buy a house in the western suburbs of Sydney, especially one in a housing estate. But who wants to live in a small house that looks like every other house on the street, where changes to the house are governed by estate owners, where garbage trucks can’t access streets, and where the yard is too small for even a medium sized dog? Not us!

We always pictured ourselves living in a large family home, with a big front and back yard for a dog, or two, or three. I wanted to live close to the beach and David wanted to live close to the bush so we found somewhere that has the best of both worlds – the Central Coast.

For me, living with anxiety is a daily challenge and Sydney is not a kind city. It induces stress with long traffic jams, increasing levels of pollution (especially in western Sydney where David and I grew up) and high density living. We want the quiet life, surrounded by nature and we want to invest in our lifestyle. But we both still want to be close enough to the city should we need to come back for big events and concerts.

Technically speaking, the Central Coast is considered part of the Greater Sydney region. It just has more beaches, free parking and less traffic.

I’m not going to tell you that saving for a house was easy. It wasn’t. And it definitely didn’t happen overnight. The only time David and I ever spent money was on bills and holidays. We gave up things like going to the movies and eating out regularly. We’ve also both been working since we graduated high school. It took us at least three years of saving to get the 20 per cent deposit we were after.

Our plan is to move in to our house after Christmas. But before then, we have a trip to Hong Kong to celebrate New Year. We’re probably the only first home buyers who get the keys to their house and leave the country to celebrate! 😉

I’ll be starting a new lifestyle section on the blog to document our renovations, etc. We can’t wait to get our hands dirty and start making the house ours.

But for now, we’re off to enjoy some smashed avocado on toast and do our happy dance.

Have you bought a house or are you still saving for that deposit? Let me know your thoughts on buying a house in the comments below!

Ash and Dave (finally first home buyers)

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