The best pies of NSW, Australia (so far)

Meat pies are an Australian staple and they go down best after a long ride on the back of a Harley Davidson motorbike or a long drive in a car. No matter what the season, a meat pie and a milkshake will always be the best pitt stop fuel your body can get on the Australian roads. Here are our top picks for meat pies in NSW.


Pie in the Sky, Cowan
My favourite place for milkshakes and pies is Pie in the Sky at Cowan. The bakery is a popular spot with bikers and it was my Harley-riding parents who introduced us to the place. There’s also a Pie in the Sky at Bilpin which I hear is just as good.

Bryants Pies, Goulburn
We make sure to stop in at Bryants Pies on our way through Goulburn each time. David’s a big fan of the meat pies here. Their sausage rolls are delicious too. They also have a great selection of small pastries and cakes.


Mountain High Pies, Wentworth Falls
It’s not hard to find a good pie in the Blue Mountains with many of the country bakeries cooking up delicious creations.  Conveniently located on the Great Western Highway, the bakery café serves delicious coffee and a diverse range of sweet and savoury pies.

Robertson Pie Shop, Robertson
Located along the Illawarra Highway, Robertson is a popular stop with bikers as well. Its large carpark is often filled with bikes and family cars. Famous for, you guessed it, delicious meat pies, the store also offers a great selection of sweet and savoury pies.


Bakehouse on Wentworth, Glenbrook
Like I said earlier, it’s really easy to find a good pie in the Blue Mountains. Even at the base of the mountains in Glenbrook you can pick up a warm and fresh meat pie and a delicious coffee at Bakehouse on Wentworth. The bakery, actually located on Park Street, does a great iced coffee too! The bakery has another three locations in the Blue Mountains, Blackheath, Springwood and Leura.

Where do you think serves the best pies? Let me know in the comments below!


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