Must eats in Monaco

Monaco might only be a small country but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of delicious food about! Experience a slice of the good life in the glitzy and glamorous coastal city of Monaco.


The local delicacy in Monaco is socca, a chickpea-flour pancake snack which you can pick up at the markets for around about 3 Euro. The chickpea pancake originated in Genoa and is sometimes called cecina.

Pichade is a freshly baked focaccia topped with tomatoes, olives and fried onions. It’s kind of like the Monaco take on pizza. Order pissaladière if you don’t like tomato.


An appetizer mainly found in the eastern part of French Riviera and Northern Italy, it’s a staple snack that originated in Monaco. Picture a deep fried fritter stuffed with cheese and other ingredients. You’ll find these tasty treats at markets and bars.


French cuisine
Monaco is located between France and Italy and its culinary influences come from nearby. There are French restaurants aplenty throughout the city. You’ll find them close to the palace and dotted throughout the city’s laneways.

Italian cuisine
Located next door to Italy, there are many Italian restaurants throughout the city too. Enjoy pizza by the palace or stick to the water and order a bowl of delicious pasta.

What do you love most about Monaco? Let me know in the comments below!


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