Top 5 lookouts near Sydney

Australia is a beautiful country but with Sydney’s sprawling city creeping outwards at such a fast rate, it can be hard to find pockets of natural beauty to enjoy. Unless you know where to look of course! Here are my top five picks for lookouts near Sydney.


West Head Lookout, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase

Sydney is a beautiful city and you don’t have to leave it to get the best views of the water. Located in Kurringai National park, West Head Lookout overlooks Pittwater to Barrenjoey Head and Palm Beach. Parking is available at the lookout and no bush walking is required to reach it. There are cycle paths and walking tracks that lead through the national park from here should you wish to explore West Head further. 


Mt Portal, Glenbrook

Located in another of the state’s national parks, Mt Portal showcases views of the Nepean River and Sydney’s western suburbs. Head up to the top of the mountain on an extended hike or drive straight there. Parking is available and abseiling is often held from the lookout. 


Evans Lookout, Blackheath

If you want to experience the Blue Mountains in all their glory, the best place to do so is Evans Lookout. Here you get a real sense of just how large the Blue Mountains are. You won’t have to drive too far off the highway to reach the car park and there’s not much walking required to reach the lookout either.   


Moonrise, Horsley Park

It’s one of the smallest and easiest to reach lookouts in Sydney but the view is just as breathtaking as the others. Located within Western Sydney Parklands, the lookout offers views that stretch to Sydney CBD and the surrounding western Sydney suburbs. You can drive straight to the lookout or park at the bottom of the hill and walk to the top. The best views of the city are actually from half way up the hill so I recommend the walk!

Looking over the Nepean River

The Rock Lookout, Mulgoa

Located on the outskirts of Sydney, The Rock Lookout is one of the most beautiful lookouts in the Blue Mountains. Perched high above the Nepean River, the rock offers views of native bush land as far as the eye can see. You’ll need to walk down some unstable rocks to get there but it’s worth the trek.


Where are you favourite lookouts? Let me know in the comments below!


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