A Guide to Singapore Theme Parks and Attractions

Singapore is home to plenty of theme parks and attractions. The trouble is setting aside enough time to visit them all! I’ve broken them down into those that are located on Sentosa Island and those that aren’t. Here’s your unofficial guide to theme parks and attractions in Singapore. 

Sentosa Island attractions

  1. Adventure Cove Water Park
    This was probably the smallest water park David and I have ever been to. With only four slides for adults, it’s much better to be a kid at this park. Adventure Cove is more like an aquarium-meets-water-park. The main attraction, the river that flows around the entire park, will take you through sea life attractions, much like an aquarium. Lockers cost $10-$15 depending on the size you want but you’ll have to get in quick because there are a lot of people and so very few lockers. The lines for slides are long, but no longer than you would expect at a water park.

    Universal Studios
  2. Universal Studios
    Universal Studios Singapore is much smaller than the American version but it’s just as busy and just as fun, if theme parks is your thing. If it happens to rain while you’re there you can expect the outdoor rides to close and the lines for the indoor rides to grow beyond a 100 minute wait time. Yep – lines are over 100 minutes on average here so if you do want to ride everything, you’ll have to spend the entire day standing in lines. If you’re happy to just walk around the park and explore the different themes, you can probably do that in about an hour or two. If you’re not too keen on riding everything, purchase your entry ticket after 5pm, you’ll only pay half price!

    Good girls gone bad
  3. Trick Eye Museum
    Like taking photos? Of course you do! Trick Eye Museum is a really fun way to take funny holiday photos. The only down side is that it’s very busy all the time and taking photos without capturing other people is a little difficult. Like many other theme parks and attractions on Sentosa, it’s also a little overpriced.
  4. Imbiah Lookout
    Free attractions are pretty hard to come by on Sentosa Island but Imbiah Lookout is one of them! Catch three sets of escalators to the lookout where you’ll see over the whole resort island and across to mainland Singapore.

    The view from the Tiger Tower
  5. Tiger Tower
    If the lookout isn’t high enough for you, catch the Tiger Tower where you’ll rotate 360 degrees above the whole island in a glass case. It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise. Go early in the morning and catch the first ride before a line forms.
  6. Sentosa Beach
    More like a bay than a beach, there are red and yellow flags to swim between so you can expect the water to be a little busy. The water here is incredibly warm and so not very refreshing. Take a dip to cool off from the extreme humidity if you can stand swimming so close to people.

    Riding the cable car over Sentosa Island
  7. Cable car
    Quite possibly the most terrifying experiences of my life, the cable car from Sentosa to mainland Singapore was so high I thought we’d fall to our deaths over the ocean. It would have been a fun way to leave the island if it wasn’t so scary.

Singapore attractions

  1. Singapore Zoo
    Monkeys! They’re like the cutest animal ever! The one thing I didn’t like about the zoo was the polar bear enclosure. It didn’t seem right that a polar bear was being kept in such a hot country and in such a small space. If you can stand waiting in line for hours, consider Singapore Night Safari where a tram (it’s actually a bus) will take you around another section of the zoo so you can see the animals move about and act more like animals. Some of them will even come up to the bus if you’re lucky!


  2. Singapore Flyer
    A lot like the London Eye, Singapore Flyer takes around 40 minutes to complete a full rotation, giving you a look over Singapore city.
  3. Supergrove trees
    The man-made forest is free to enter and walk around but you’ll have to pay to walk along the tree tops. There are collections of plants from around the world and they change with the seasons. There are also plenty of dining options throughout the park to pick from. My pick is the buffet hot pot at Satay.
  4. Chinese Gardens
    Free to enter the Chinese and Japanese gardens are a great place to walk around and explore. There are buildings, statues and a live turtle and tortoise museum (you’ll have to pay $5 cash to enter that and $1 if you’d like to feed them). The museum is the Guinness World Record holder for the largest collection of living turtles and tortoises and I highly recommend it.

What’s your favourite attraction in Singapore? Let me know in the comments below!


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