Hong Kong Airlines Review

Surprisingly delightful

David and I recently flew from Cairns to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to the Gold Coast with Hong Kong airlines. The service was coach air with Virgin Australia and we were under the impression that the airline was going to be something like Jetstar, especially considering we paid a little less than we did to fly Jetstar to Japan.

But the service we received on board Hong Kong Airlines was sparingly delightful. We were surprised with the best seat configuration for couples, 2-4-2, which meant we were seated alone together. We were then treated to free in-flight entertainment and free meals.

The crew we had on both flights were lovely and very accommodating. Our overnight flight from Hong Kong to the Gold Coast, was especially nice, with only 20 people on the plane. Did someone say extra leg room?

Hong Kong Airlines

I’d recommend flying Hong Kong airlines where possible. We probably wouldn’t have considered them ourselves had Jetstar, Virgin or Qantas flights been cheaper, simply because we didn’t know much about their services. But I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The only negative thing I have to say about them is that we weren’t able to check in online at the Hong Kong end. That meant that we had to line up for almost an hour at the airport, just to check in.

I give Hong Kong Airlines four-stars.

Have you flown Hong Kong Airlines? Who’s your favourite airline? Let me know in the comments below.


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