Macau Day Trip from Hong Kong

Visiting Macau for the day was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Hong Kong. It’s not hard to get to either. It’s time to visit the Vegas of the east for the day…

Getting there

If you’re staying in Hong Kong, the easiest way to get there is by Turbojet. The Turbojet is also the fastest way to get to Macau, taking just 1 hour. Best of all there’s free WiFi on board. To purchase tickets, you’ll want to get to the China ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsiu early. We went at 8am and got tickets for the 9am ferry. We’d just missed out on tickets for the 8:30am ferry. You’ll be able to purchase your return ticket here too.

Ticket prices depend on the popularity of that ferry. For example, the 8am ferry costs more than the 8:30am ferry because there are more people wanting to catch it. So consider how much time you want to spend there. I recommend making the most of the day you’ve got and try and get there as early as you can and leave as late as you can. We saved money purchasing tickets for the 9am ferry there so we spent a little more on the return ticket and left Macau at 7pm.

Macau panda


for 9am-7pm day trip

8:30am: Go through customs.

9am: Board Turbojet.

10am: Arrive in Macau and go through customs. Lines here can be quite long so prepare to wait around for a little while.

10:45am: Purchase tickets and board you coach/ bus of choice to Macau city centre. Taxis are also available but I recommend the Macau open top bus tour.

Macau casinos

11am: Explore Macau’s city centre and main attractions.

2pm: Visit the Panda pavilion.

4pm: Visit the (water mermaid place)

5pm: Do a final loop of Macau in the coach in case you missed something.

6pm: Grab a bite to eat. It’s your last meal in Macau so make it count!

7pm: Board the Turbojet back to Hong Kong.



If we had a little more time, we would have visited one of the casinos Macau is famous for. It wasn’t very high on our to-do list (we are history geeks after all) so we didn’t get around to it. Consider spending a little more time in Macau and purchasing tickets to an even later ferry.

Now that you’re ready to spend the day in Macau, plan your trip with our helpful Macau City Guide.

When will you be visiting Macau? Let me know in the comments below!


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