Virgin Australia Airlines Review

You get what you pay for and more

Before flying with Virgin to Cairns and from the Gold Coast to Sydney, the last time I flew Virgin Australia was on a flight to Melbourne as a child with my family. From memory the flight was fine, but since then, we’ve always gone with the cheaper option like budget airlines like Tiger and Jetstar, except for this time when Virgin offered the best price.

The flight was as large as any other domestic flight we’d been on, with similar leg room and seat sizes. The difference was in the service. We thought complimentary tea, coffee and snacks on domestic flights were a thing of the past in Australia, but we were wrong!

Virgin even offers complimentary inflight entertainment if you have the Virgin Entertainment app on your phone or tablet. I downloaded mine before the flight and took advantage of the TV shows on offer.

These extra niceties made the flight much more pleasant, not to mention the easy online check-in process and quick boarding times. We only wish Virgin fell into our price range more often.

I give Virgin Australia Airlines four stars.

Who do you like flying with most? Let me know in the comments below!



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