Hong Kong: Imperial Hotel Review

Small and forgetful

Have you ever been made to feel like a number? Because that’s how we felt staying at the Imperial Hotel in Hong Kong.

We chose the hotel based on two key factors: price and location and in these the hotel excelled. The location couldn’t have been more convenient. We were within walking distance from major attractions, train and ferry terminals and the infamous Victoria Harbour.

Much like hotels in Japan, the rooms are quite small and cluttered. We were on the seventh floor of the building but only had a view of the neighbouring building, but it was to be expected in overcrowded Hong Kong. The hallways and rooms also smelt like cigarette smoke, despite the hotel’s no smoking policy. We had to keep the air conditioner on to vent our room and prevent it from getting too smoky and stuffy during the day.

When David and I travel, we prefer to keep our towels and reuse them. It’s a small and easy thing to do that can help the environment. Unfortunately, room service at the Imperial Hotel ignored this and changed them anyway. On one of the five mornings we were there, room service took our toilet paper (I assume to replace it with a new roll) but didn’t leave any behind. We returned to our hotel that evening to find nothing in there. After speaking to reception about it twice, we ended up using the toilet paper we’d brought with us for emergencies.

The next morning, room service left toilet paper behind, but we didn’t get an apology. Customer service doesn’t seem to be a priority at the Imperial Hotel, treating guests more like numbers.

Overall I think the hotel’s location was fantastic, but customer service was virtually non-existent. I guess that should be expected when you don’t spend much on your accommodation…

I give the Imperial Hotel three stars.

Where have you stayed in Hong Kong? Let me know in the comment below!


Imperial Hotel
32-34 Nathan Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong

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