Must Eats in Macau

Macau’s food culture is an interesting infusion of Chinese and Portuguese thanks to its European heritage. As a result, many of the food items you’ll discover on the streets of Macau are a delicious mix of east meets west. Discover the spice of the orient when you’re in Macau.

Macau must eats
Dave discovered his love of Pork Chop Buns

Pork chop bun

The best discovery we made in the laneways of Macau was the humble pork chop bun. The inexpensive street food is pretty self-explanatory; it’s a fried pork chop, served on a bun. It’s also soaked in gravy. Soft, moist and delicious!

Portuguese Egg tart

This is arguably the most famous of Macau’s street food dishes. Thanks do its Portuguese heritage, the city adopted the egg tart and put their own spin on it. You’ll find these sold all over the city. They’re a bit more expensive than the pork chop bun but they make a delicious treat on your way to or from lunch.

Macau Must Eats
Egg tart

Almond cookies

I didn’t know how amazing an almond cookie could taste until I was surrounded by free samples of them in Macau. They’re not the cheapest food on the market, but you can buy them as a souvenir to take home. They’re sweet and crumbly and you can even watch them make it in front of you and try them warm – yum!

Chinese pork jerky

Another one of the foods you’ll find people of Macau thrusting upon you to try for free is pork jerky. The wafer thin meat is also known as Bak Kwa. It’s sweet and chewy, but quite weird if you’re not used to it. It’s also insanely popular.


It’s not a trip to Asia without a dumpling or two! From fried gyoza to steamed dumplings, you’ll find them all on the menu of street vendors and restaurants. They’re one of the cheapest food you’ll find and they’re also one of the tastiest.

What’s your favourite meal in Macau? Let me know in the comments below!


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