Getting Our Green Thumbs On

Our front and backyards continue growing

When David and I moved in to our house in 2017, the previous owners hadn’t been there for what looked like a decade. It had been a while to say the least. Because of that, the front and back gardens, which had been so thoughtfully planted, had not been maintained. There were some very nice (and very expensive) plants in our garden beds, all of them alive, but all in need of a little TLC.

Seeing as we spend most of our time in the backyard as it’s private and larger than the front, we decided to start there.

Our backyard

First step: clean the leaves and clear the mulch.

Who would have thought that living at the base of a mountain covered in gum trees and dense bushland would make leaves a permanent part of our house maintenance!? “Buy near the bush,” they said, “it will be fun,” they said.

The worst part about the constant foliage in summer are the risks associated with them: bushfire kindle, snakes and oh yeah, deadly funnel web spiders. Gross.

Our backyard lizard friend

The grass was pretty patchy when we first moved in, thanks to a hot and dry summer, but a little water and some help from the rain Gods had it green and growing in no time.


With some lovely donations from friends and family, we even added some new plants to the mix. I know what you’re thinking, “more plants?” We thought the garden needed to look fuller and I think a lot of our visitors underestimated how many plants we already had before they bought them as a housewarming gift.


We also planted some vegetables in our veggie patches, all of which are coming along nicely. We moved into the house in summer so we’re holding out for some cooler weather before we plant the rest.

Our new outdoor setting allows us to enjoy our meals outside where we can watch the sunset, or the morning glow. We’re yet to use the bon fire, but we’ll have marshmallows prepared for when the weather cools down!

Our tadpoles have grown up and become frogs! When we moved it they were but small, limb-less things and now they pop, croak and ribbit into the night.

Our house
Our house 🙂

In the front yard, our frangipani had its leaves eaten by what we think was a bandicoot or a possum before we had time to pot it. Now, it’s growing nicely and the other ferns and trees we have continue to stand strong.

The grass in our front yard is still a bit patchy, but it’s getting there!

That’s it for our garden at the moment! Gardening isn’t something I thought too much about before buying a house but it’s so rewarding and exciting to plant something and see it thrive or bring things back to life.

Now all we need is a puppy…


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