Our Newest Family Member

Our family has grown by four legs and a tail!

David and I have wanted to rescue a dog for more than a year now, but this year, for our eight-year anniversary, we finally did it.

On the 2nd of April we went to the RSPCA’s Somersby shelter, our local shelter, to meet with some pups. There was one that we were especially keen to meet – a seven-month-old Kelpie named Sprocket.

As predicted by David, I fell in love with every dog and puppy I met, but Sprocket and I fell in love with each other instantly. The second we went to his cage, he ran up to us for a hug, a pat and lots of kisses. We knew then and there we’d be taking that boy home.

Sprocket kelpie dog
On our way home from the RSPCA

After spending some time playing with him and taking him for a walk, we filled out some paper work and adopted Sprocket.

Sprocket came to the shelter on March 11th, surrendered to the shelter by his previous owner who was too old and ill-prepared to handle the energy and excited nature of a puppy, much less a Kelpie puppy.

As he was already house trained and a very fast learner, we decided to keep Sprocket’s name instead of changing it. It somehow suits his personality.

Sprocket has filled a dog-shaped hole in our hearts and we’re so thankful for the laughs and love he has already brought a happy little family. We can’t wait to spend a lifetime giving it back.

If you’d like to keep up to date with Sprocket’s life with his forever home, follow him on Instagram @sprocket.the.kelpie.

For more information on the RSPCA and to find your new furry friend, visit their website here.

Please adopt, not shop for your next pet. There are many animals in shelters who are looking for their forever homes.

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