How to go camping with your dog

We recently took our first trip as a whole family since our dog Sprocket joined us. We decided to start small and did a road trip from the Central Coast, north to Byron Bay and back south through Dubbo. You can read all about our doggy road trip here.

During the trip we camped out one night so that we could save money and experience something a little different. Here’s our guide to camping with your dog.

Dog road trip Sprocket
Let the road trip begin!

What to pack

Packing for a camping trip with a dog isn’t too different to what you would pack as a human. They just need what you need! As long as you have the bare essentials, you’ll be able to make it work so make sure you pack the following:

  • Your dog’s bed and blanket
  • Enough food and water and the bowls to serve it in
  • Lead, harness, collar and name tag
  • A towel if you’re camping by the beach
  • A ball (or at least one of their favourite toys)
  • Poop bags
  • A first aid kit

Camping at WooyungHow to prepare for the journey

Make sure your dog is OK with travelling in the car by taking them on a shorter journey first. Don’t forget that you’ll need to have a secure harness for the car to! Prepare to make lots of stops along the way too as dogs need a lot more toilet breaks than we do. They’ll also want to stretch their legs and have a drink of water. Luckily for us, Sprocket loves a car nap. In fact, we have more trouble keeping him awake in the car than anything! We still made sure we stopped every one-two hours though.

How to prepare for camping

You might want to set the tent up at home before you leave for your trip and let your dog inside. It’ll give them the chance to get used to being inside a tent with you before the actual holiday. Try to choose a campground or holiday park that is located close to a park or beach so you can let your pooch run off their excess energy before bed and make sure you arrive with plenty of extra time to set up your site in the daylight.

ForsterWhere to go

Not sure where to go on your first dog-friendly camping trip? Think about where your dog would be welcome and how far they’re willing to travel comfortably in the car. It might be best to start small and just do an overnight stop not far from home. When it comes to finding a campground that’s dog friendly, check with the campground before you book in. Other great sources of information are local tourist information centres or local council websites.

Got your own tips on camping with a dog? We’d love to hear them in the comments below! Don’t forget to include some happy camping snaps. ☺

Ash, Dave and Sprocket


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