What’s happening at home

It’s been one year since we first put an offer on the house we now call home. Since then, we’ve made a few changes to the property, most notably, the roof.

House garden
The cutest Jedi in our house

While we do have big plans to renovate the house (all of which continue to evolve), we simply haven’t had the time to do anything else! Juggling full time work and full time study with full time puppy parenting and house cleaning duties is a lot more time consuming than you might think (unless of course you’re more practical about what you can achieve in a full day, in which case you’ll be sitting there looking at the screen thinking “we’ll, duh”).

So, in lieu of any other renovations actually taking place, here’s a list of what smaller things we’ve done so far.

  • The garden

    We’ve actually managed to work on the garden a little more than we thought we would, both in the front and back yards. In the front yard, we added solar powered lights to line the driveway and path that leads to the front door. Not only are these really useful during the dark winter months, they’re also incredibly pretty. We also planted a frangipani in one of the large pots that line the drive way which has survived the winter chill and is continuing to grow. We can’t wait to see the tree in full bloom when it grows! In the remaining two pots along the driveway, we’ll be planting a lemon tree and perhaps an avocado tree.

    Our plan to become more sustainable is in full swing in the back yard with our vegetable patch growing strong. We’ve also been using our chicken’s eggs for our cooking too.  Unfortunately, Sprocket has done some damage to the lawn but that was to be expected and the heavy downpours of rain we’ve experienced along the coast this spring haven’t helped.

  • The en suite

    We’ve purchased a new window for the en suite which is yet to be installed (due to our busy schedules) but this will be going in soon. The new window is to allow us to better air out the room, especially in winter and during those long periods of wet weather that seem to be occurring more frequently. The window is the first step in our renovating the en suite to liven it up and bringing it out of the early 2000s and into 2018.

Our house
Our house 🙂
  • The lounge room

    Other than purchasing our new lounge room furniture, we haven’t done much to the room. As new furniture is very costly, we prioritised purchasing the pieces we didn’t already have or get given by people who were conveniently cleaning out their homes at the same time we were moving in.

Other than those three spaces, we’re yet to do anything to the house. Besides that, we’re still incredibly happy with our home and more importantly, we love where we live. Although we don’t plan on living here for the rest of our lives (rural land and beaches further north are already calling), we’re happy to stay for the next five-ten years to work on the house and make it our own.

Ash and Dave

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