How to plan a trip to Hawaii

So, it’s been a while since we last went overseas for a holiday, opting to take Sprocket on a road trip of NSW and completing the Great Ocean Road instead. Now, we’re back and boy does it feel good! Our next holiday is to Hawaii. It’ll be our first time ever in the United States of America and our first time overseas in a year and three months exactly.

One of our favourite things about travelling overseas is the preparation leading up to it because it’s always so exciting. David booked return flights to Honolulu, Hawaii for my 25th birthday in November 2018 but the trip isn’t until April 2019. That gave us plenty of time to find accommodation, car rental and work out which islands we wanted to visit. So, here’s how you too can plan your trip to Hawaii.

Get your visa in order

Before you’re allowed to step foot onto US soil, you’ll need to apply for a visa or for ESTA if your country qualified for the visa waiver application. Regardless of which you need to get, you need to apply for it as soon as possible.

Getting started with the basics

Choosing the island/s to visit

Seeing as we’re only going to be in Hawaii for ten days, we narrowed our trip down to three islands; Maui, Oahu and Kauai. Although we really (really) wanted to spend some time in Kauai, we decided ten days just wasn’t enough so we’ve chosen to stick to Oahu and Maui so we don’t miss a single thing there. Kauai will just have to wait.


Now that you know which island/s you’re going to visit, it’s time to book your accommodation. Hotels are quite pricey all over Hawaii, especially during peak times like the school holidays and Easter. Instead, check Airbnbs as they’re often cheaper and come with free parking if you’re hiring a car. If you’re planning on moving around a lot, consider a campervan, it’s a car and accommodation in one.

Hire a car

Public transport rarely operates effectively on an island, especially one covered in volcanoes and craters. If you want to see as much of any of the islands as possible, you’ll need to hire a car. Looking to save money on your car but don’t want to compromise on the comfort of a hotel or Airbnb? Try Turo.

Book things to do ahead of time

Like many popular destinations there will be lines for most popular attractions and sites. Ensure you’re not waiting around in line wasting time by booking tickets/ places online. This goes for restaurants and Luau too.

Plan to arrive early

Much like the last point, research the popular visiting times for attractions like waterfalls and hikes. By visiting outside of these popular times, you’ll increase your chances of finding parking and capture a photo with fewer tourists in the background.

Don’t plan too much!

Don’t go crazy and plan your every day to the hour and leave room for things you’ll discover on the way. You never know when you’ll find a hidden beach in a place as beautiful as Hawaii!

Have you been to Hawaii before? Planning your own trip there now? Let me know in the comments below! 


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