Our honeymoon was cancelled because of Covid-19.

How we’re handling it and what we’re going to do about it. 

There were tears. Lots and lots of tears. And of course, there was chocolate in various forms (an early Easter bunny and ice cream to name a few). But nothing took away the pain that was our honeymoon being cancelled in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. So, what exactly happened?

The honeymoon we planned and booked

We’d booked to fly to New York city on 30 March, 2020, two days after tying the knot on the Central Coast. From there, we planned to do some sight seeing, before heading to Florida and jumping on a Royal Caribbean cruise through the Caribbean. We were going to visit Haiti, Peuto Rico, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Sint Maarten, St Johns and the Virgin Islands. At the end of our cruise, we were going to fly to The Bahamas and treat ourselves to four nights at The Atlantis. Our dream was to swim with the pigs and just relax. From The Bahamas, we had booked flights to Orlando, Florida to go to Universal Studios, then drive from Orlando to Houston in the course of a week. From Texas, we had booked a cruise to Mexico for five days to round out the end of the trip. 

Why our honeymoon has been cancelled

So far only part of the honeymoon has actually been officially cancelled and refunded in the form of future travel credits. Unfortunately that means we’ve had to make the call on whether or not we cancel the rest of the trip. With the likelihood of being stranded in the USA being so high and the mandatory 14-day self-isolation upon arrival back home in Australia, we couldn’t risk the time off work and the potential loss of income. 

Will we get our money back?

Not much of it. We’re hoping and praying that the USA closes their borders or cancels all international flights into the country so we can get something back on all of the flights we had booked. We’re pretty hopeful that the second cruise (the one to Mexico) will be cancelled, and so, refunded. But it’s unlikely we’ll get any money back from our accommodation, flights to and from The Bahamas and the domestic flights within the USA. 

What about travel insurance?

That’s the real kicker. See, we booked travel insurance back in September, 2019 and everything for our trip was booked and paid for by December, 2019. So, you’d think we’d be covered and get refunded for everything given that we had no way of knowing this was going to happen. Unfortunately, all we can do is put in our claims and hope for the best! But we’ll wait to see if anything else is cancelled for us before we do that. 

Our plans now

We still plan on getting married on the 28th March this year because it marks our ten year anniversary and this wedding has been at least three years in the making. We had the date picked out before Dave even popped the question! Unfortunately, there’s still the possibility of having our wedding cancelled, which at this point, would shatter us.

In regards to going on a honeymoon though, well, that’s a tough one. We always dreamed on going on the holiday we saved for three years to make happen straight after the wedding so we could rejoice in our honeymoon bliss. Now, we have to work out if and when we can reschedule our annual and long service leave and when we’d be allowed to take it again. We might try to scrap together some money to enjoy a night or two out of the house in the days following the wedding, but the chances of a lockdown are pretty high at the moment so we might just stay at home and play it by ear. 

Have your plans been ruined by Coronavirus? Let us know how you’re dealing with the outbreak in the comments below! 


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