Will we be travelling after the Covid-19 pandemic?

It’s no secret that the global Covid-19 pandemic has all but put a temporary end to the travel industry worldwide. But what happens when the pandemic ends? Because it’s important to remember that one day it will be over. Will it even be possible to travel again? And if it is possible, should we?

We say yes, when it’s safe to do so

You may have read in our previous post that our honeymoon was cancelled when Australia’s federal government made it illegal to travel. While our flights weren’t cancelled, we were able to receive travel credit. We’re not very confident that we’ll be able to use those travel credits within the 12 months we were given because the state of international travel looks grim for the next year or so, and we had flights booked to America which is currently struggling with the Coronavirus and we wouldn’t want to contribute to that in any way.

We do intend on eventually going on the honeymoon we had always planned, as well as exploring more of the world beyond that, once the World Health Organisation and our health professionals say it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, we’re hoping that we’ll get the chance to travel more of Australia while we’re waiting for the chance to travel the world.

Waikiki from Diamond Head (our last holiday)

Will it actually be safe to travel after the Coronavirus?

The global outbreak of the Coronavirus has made us all reflect on how safe it is to travel and just how easy it can be to get sick. Vaccines have made it possible for us to travel safely to countries we might not have been able to otherwise. Before every holiday, we speak to our health professionals and check our vaccines are up to date. Typhoid is the most common vaccine we need to receive before travelling, but there are also diseases such as Malaria and Dengue Fever that we need to be mindful of.

So, if a Coronavirus vaccine is made available in the future, it’ll be much like travelling in the face of those other diseases and viruses – safe as long as you continue to take the preventative measures you would for any other virus or disease (washing hands, disinfecting your plane seat, travelling with hand sanitiser, and so on).


What might stop us from travelling

The only road block to travelling we are expecting is a potential spike in the cost of travelling. Airlines are taking a big financial hit at the moment so it makes sense that they might need to increase their fare prices following the pandemic. Add in the increasing cost of fuel and any potential costs that may be introduced to help increase cleaning measures after Covid-19 and it could soon price us out of travelling. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about that except continue saving to travel further down the track.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is scary and has impacted the world in ways never seen before, we don’t want to give up on travelling the world. Instead, we’re going to continue our lockdown at home and wait until it’s safe to head back out into the world.

Will you continue travelling after the Covid-19 pandemic? Let us know in the comments below! 



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