WHITE CLIFFS: Underground Motel Review

A little bit gimmicky 

The concept of staying underground in the middle of the desert is both exciting and terrifying. Unfortunately, White Cliffs Underground Motel takes some of the magic away from that. While the rooms are modest and include just beds and a carton of drinking water, the shared bathroom situation leaves much to be desired. It doesn’t take long before all eight shower/toilet rooms are running low on toilet paper, soap and paper towel when the motel is booked out!

All of the motels’ 40+ rooms are underground, but the toilets, bar and dining areas are inside and above ground. The shared bathroom situation was not ideal – especially during a global pandemic. They didn’t stay clean for long and by morning, toilet paper was very hard to come by. The rooftop provides a great night sky viewing platform, but it is a scary climb to the top in the dark so pack a torch! There is some undercover parking available, but not much. Speaking of cars, the roads to get to the motel are all unsealed, so it’s a bit of a bumpy ride. The motel itself is very easy to find though and there are lots of signs to lead you through town should your phone reception or internet cut out. 

We checked into the motel in the afternoon to watch the sunset from the rooftop which was stunning. Unfortunately for the families who had also checked in the day we did, the pool was too dirty to swim in which was a shame because the weather was perfect for it. The menu at the motel was modest, just overpriced so BYO snacks (just remember not to leave them in your room if you don’t want mice to visit you during the night).  

Breakfast is included in your stay but it’s nothing too fancy. However, they do provide non-dairy milk, toast, cereals, instant coffee and juice. 

White Cliffs Underground Motel

129 Smiths Hill,
White Cliffs
NSW 2836

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